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Sunday, 3 December 2017

CoffeeSmith Adventure!!!

CoffeeSmith Waffle Adventure!

This korean coffee chain finally has an outlet in Singapore! Situated on the ground floor of Orchard Gateway, This cafe has a chill and friendly vibe to it, the stone wall and wooden décor compliments it even more! The scent of freshly roasted coffee while being seated in this cozy 40 seater cafe is absolutely heavenly especially after a long day of shopping in orchard.

After a long and hectic day at school and hours of walking around orchard, my friend Brandon and I settled down at CoffeeSmith to rest our tired legs and to get a quick bite. After a quick scan of the menu, price-wise it was slightly more expensive as compared to Starbucks but hey you gotta treat yourself once in a while.

Since we were feeling slightly more hungry than thirsty, i got the Smith Waffles ($10.90) and my friend got the Cuppacino waffles ($14.90). Till now I have yet to satisfy my Waffle cravings!

The Smith Waffles were CoffeeSmith's basic go-to waffle. They were the typical average waffle served with whipped cream & syrup but the Smith Waffles were far above average. The waffles were denser than the average waffle but it was still super fluffy which was contradicting but I like it that way! The waffle also had a nice shell to it for that small crunch factor every waffle should have! The whipped cream was made in house as it was milkier and creamier than the store bought kinds. The fruit syrup is also yummy and compliments the waffle well. Pictures of the Smith Waffle below!

Smith Waffles ($10.90)
Served with fresh whipped cream and fruit syrup

Next up was the slightly more pricey cuppacino waffles! They were served at a premium of $4 as compared to the Smith Waffles but for that price you get a coffee infused waffle batter and an extra two scoops of ice-cream which i would say is worth the upgrade! They did not specify the ice-cream flavour but I guessed it was milk flavour as it had a nice milky taste that was neutral enough to compliment the waffle and let the waffle take the spotlight! The waffle was unique as they impart the coffee flavour in the waffle by adding freshly brewed coffee in the waffle batter, this adds another depth of character in the waffle providing an edge over ordinary waffles served in cafes! However an area to improve on was that the taste of the strawberry syrup was slightly overpowering the waffle and could be put in a seperate bowl instead of on the base of the serving plate. Pictures of the Cuppacino waffle below!

Cuppacino Waffles ($14.90)

Served with two scoops of Ice-cream, fresh whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup

Overall I would recommend this cafe and to try their cuppacino waffle! Great for shopaholics who needs a coffee break!

CoffeeSmith Singapore
Address: 277, Orchard Road #01-09A, Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
Phone: +65 8399 7900
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:00am (Sun – Thurs), 24 hours (Fri – Sat)

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Oblong Adventure!!!

Oblong Adventure!

Nestled in the quiant and quiet neighbourhood of Serangoon Gardens, Oblong serves mainly Ice-cream, waffles, pastries and coffee.

The slow-paced lifestyle of the neighbourhood and the minimalistic interior of the café gives a very chill and laidback vibe. This plus a good cup of cappuccino ; What could be better?

After makan-ing at Chomp Chomp, I figured what better way to end the day with some ice-cream waffle as my ice-cream waffle cravings hasn't gone down!

Oblong serves an array of ice-cream flavours including some that are unique to Singapore like Bandung! I've been trying to find Bandung flavoured ice-cream for so long but to no avail till now but sadly the bandung flavoured ice-cream wasn't on par with my expectations. But fret not, the variety of ice-cream here is so wide you'll be spoilt for choices!

I got the "My Fluffy Waffle" Set which consist of a marshmallow sandwiched waffle and a drink (I got a latte) costing $12.90. I got the Brownie vanilla ice-cream and caramel syrup to go with the waffle. I also got another set but without the drink costing $10.90, I got the cookie-dough ice-cream and condensed milk syrup with it!

(Brownie Vanilla ice-cream waffle set with latte)

(latte pictured above)

(Cookie-dough ice-cream waffle)

The waffle had the right amount of crisp and fluffiness and it compliments the ice-cream well! The extra syrup and marshmallow would be a treat for those with a sweet tooth (like me) but some may find it a tad to sweet got their liking. Good thing the waffle balances out the sweetness from the ice-cream and marshmallows!

(Close-up shot of Cookie-dough ice-cream)

So for anyone craving desert in Serangoon gardens, you know where to get awesome waffle ice-cream!

Address: 10 Maju Ave, Singapore 556688
Operating hours: Sun to Thu: 12.00 pm – 12.00 am Fri & Sat: 12.00 pm- 2.00 am
Phone: +65 68582320

Sunday, 22 October 2017

OmoOmoDon Adventure!!!

OmoOmoDon Adventure!

Fancy a Korean-Japanese fusion feast? Need halal food? Or even looking for vegeterian friendly options? Well, fret not! OmoOmoDon is a halal certified casual korean eatery located in Star vista! The outlet has a semi-al fresco dining setting with approximately 40 pax seating.

Equipped with an electronic ordering station, it was easy to see and order your food as there were pictures and clear description of the products served! 

At OmoOmoDon, they serve korean-japanese fusion cusines, bringing the taste of kimchi and the all-time favourite bulgogi together with the classic soba and the yummy takoyaki! Choose from the wide range of meaty rice and noodle dons, to seafood rice and noodle dons, as well as vegan dons. You can even create your own Don and customised your meal based on your preference! The choices are endless!

Pictured above: Korean white rice, Beef Bulgogi, Kimchi omelette, Teriyaki sauce. Takoyaki as side dish

Pictured above: "Dear Ebi" - Korean white rice, Fried Ebi, Kimchi omelette, Bimbimbap sauce

Pictured above: Korean white rice, Teriyaki chicken, kimchi omelette, teriyaki sauce

Pictured above: Soba Kids meal with takoyaki

Pictured above: "Bird's Nest" - Spicy chicken, Korean glass noodles, Onsen egg, Tobiko and korean bbq sauce.

Overall very tasty food hitting all the right umami notes and definitely would come here again! Highly recommend to build your own Don and create your own creation!!!

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-14/15, The Star Vista Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm
Phone: 67341863
Online Orders:

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Big Fish Small Fish Adventure!!!

Big Fish Small Fish Adventure!

Punggol has taken big steps in turning a fairly quiet estate into a very happening and hip place! Opened in February 2017, this relatively new area is located at punggol east situated near the prawn fishing and pool area known by the locals as "punggol haibin". This new area consist of 7 casual eateries located at the Container Bistros at Tebing Lane!

Among these 7 eateries are 'Big fish Small fish'! They specialize in selling British fish & chips with a twist by replacing fries with freshly cut and fried potato chips! The also offer a wide array of sauces ranging from traditional tartar sauce to  cheese sauce. They even hoped on board the salted egg hype and have their very own salted egg sauce! The ambience here in the afternoon is very quiet but in the night, it is a complete opposite, packed as a can of sardines. The wooden decor here compliments well with its bright and lively yellow & blue colours! The indoor seating has only a limited amount of seats but luckily it has an al-fresco outdoor seating area with plenty more seats.

Big Fish Small Fish offers many fishes to choose from like the humble dory, to exotic fishes like yellowfin and sea bass to more expensive and premium fishes like salmon and snappers! They also have their catch of the day which changes seasonally! They are priced from $6.90 to $17.90. You can even do your own Buzzfeed's "Worth It" video! 

They are serve in pyramid containers and the fish is hidden is the sea of chips (pun intended). The freshly made chips are the best part of the meal for me, more than the actual fish as I personally think that they are seasoned well and you can even spot the chef frying this after you order! 

Look at the sauces!
 Cheese sauce, Chili sauce, tartar sauce, salted egg sauce ( from top right clockwise)

Big Fish Small Fish
Address: 50 Punggol East 
#01-K35 Container Bistros @ Tebing Lane
Operating hours: Sun-Thurs (12pm - 12am) , Fri & Sat (12pm - 1am)
Phone: 9438 7623

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kosnica Food Adventure!!!

Kosnica Food Adventure!

Here's a collaboration with Kosnica Cafe and fellow bloggers , and 
There'll be a giveaway and a special discount on the premium honey for readers! Information on how to enter giveaway down below! I would like to thank Kosnica and Jess for this opportunity and to try the high tea set and honey!

This dessert cafe located along Duxton road serves a variety of premium gelato, three different waffle flavours and besides that, Kosnica also offers premium Trigona Itama Honey!

This honey is not just your average store-bought honey, firstly it is organic and it has a higher PPF (propolis plus factor) than Manuka honey boasting a PPF of +15! It is an indication of quality and quantity of propolis found naturally in the Trigona honey. Propolis is a natural marvel ingredient that inhibits bacterial and fungal activity and a natural antioxidant. Plus it has additional health benefits such as boosting anti-oxidant, improving immune system and having anti-aging properties! 

It is also not as viscous as your normal honey as it is bottled raw without removing any water retaining it's natural water content of 23% - 25%. It is reccomended to have 2 tablespoons daily, taken raw after meals. It is best taken raw as it is as it has anti-bacterial properties and mixing it with water decreases its effectiveness.

As the honey is from tropical countries mainly Malaysia, China and Australia, the quality is not affected by weather changes and different climate. The honey sells in three types of containers. The small container cost $62.20 for 250ml, the larger container contains 500ml priced at $88.80. There is also the special Ginseng Honey priced at $431 for 1000ml! The taste of the honey is mildly sour with a subtle hint of sweetness. It is really tasty and not to mention soothing to the throat!

Now moving on to the high tea set, the high tea set ($9.90) consist of a single scoop gelato with waffle and a drink to go along with it! After tasting most of the flavours, I eventually settled for the Hazelnut Rochor with the buttermilk waffle and the caramel latte. While Isabelle took the Strawberry Cheesecake gelato with buttermilk waffle and mocha!

The drinks came in super cute round cups! It sort of looks like a beehive matching the decor of the cafe!

The gelato was rich and creamy and I love how the gelato had just the right amount of sweetness to it! It satisfied my sweet tooth without being overly sweet. The buttermilk waffle was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, perfectly done I would say! Definitely one of the best waffles I've had in my life! 

The drinks were also well prepared but still nothing stands out more than their gelato and waffles!

One lucky reader will win a High Tea Set when you complete these simple steps!

1) Follow Kosnica instagram  @kosnica.singapore
2) Like my instagram post about Kosnica @Joel_zzz
3) Subscribe to my blog via email!

Winner will be annouced on 1st October via Instagram direct! 


10% of Ginseng Honey!!!
Readers also get 10% of  the Ginseng Honey worth $431!!! Simply show this blog post when purchasing and get the 10% discount so get yours now!!

Kosnica SG
Address: 61 Duxton Road Singapore 089525
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily
Phone: +65 6904 4086

Friday, 8 September 2017

Hatter's Street Ice-Cream Adventure!!!

Hatter's Street Ice-Cream Adventure!

Located near the heartland of Singapore,  this Mad Hatter inspired café serves a range of sweet treats ranging from ice cream to waffles to cakes and brownies.

When I first discovered this place, I was quite excited as there are very limited hipster cafe in kovan. But along with Hatter's street, this row of shops now boast a few new eateries including Tachinomiya, Knuckles Bistro, Good Olden Days. Hatter's Street is also situated close to the famous thai food place Nakhon Kitchen, thus making this place a convinient place to get dessert after a meal there! In fact, that's precisely what I did!

The only downside to this cafe is that the interior is rather small and cramped, so be prepared espacially if there's a crowd.

I ordered a Unicorn Whoaffle (that's how they spelled it) for $14, it's waffle topped with two scoops of ice-cream and decorated to look like a cute unicorn! The ice-cream flavours are standardized for this waffle (lavender white chocolate & roasted marshmellows)

 The waffle was crisp but a tad tough for my liking, and the ice-cream was good but some may find it a bit too sweet but hey I got a sweet tooth! The roasted marshmellows tasted like what the name says, and the lavender white chocolate was quite a surprise! The lavender taste was strong, a little overpowering in my opinion but it compliments the roasted marshmellow!

Look at the wide array of different unique ice-cream flavours and the pretty cakes that they have in store below!

Hatter's Street Bakehouse & Cafe
Address: Block 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 ,Singapore 530212
Operating hours: Everyday from 1PM - 10PM
Phone:  6988 4591