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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Big Fish Small Fish Adventure!!!

Big Fish Small Fish Adventure!

Punggol has taken big steps in turning a fairly quiet estate into a very happening and hip place! Opened in February 2017, this relatively new area is located at punggol east situated near the prawn fishing and pool area known by the locals as "punggol haibin". This new area consist of 7 casual eateries located at the Container Bistros at Tebing Lane!

Among these 7 eateries are 'Big fish Small fish'! They specialize in selling British fish & chips with a twist by replacing fries with freshly cut and fried potato chips! The also offer a wide array of sauces ranging from traditional tartar sauce to  cheese sauce. They even hoped on board the salted egg hype and have their very own salted egg sauce! The ambience here in the afternoon is very quiet but in the night, it is a complete opposite, packed as a can of sardines. The wooden decor here compliments well with its bright and lively yellow & blue colours! The indoor seating has only a limited amount of seats but luckily it has an al-fresco outdoor seating area with plenty more seats.

Big Fish Small Fish offers many fishes to choose from like the humble dory, to exotic fishes like yellowfin and sea bass to more expensive and premium fishes like salmon and snappers! They also have their catch of the day which changes seasonally! They are priced from $6.90 to $17.90. You can even do your own Buzzfeed's "Worth It" video! 

They are serve in pyramid containers and the fish is hidden is the sea of chips (pun intended). The freshly made chips are the best part of the meal for me, more than the actual fish as I personally think that they are seasoned well and you can even spot the chef frying this after you order! 

Look at the sauces!
 Cheese sauce, Chili sauce, tartar sauce, salted egg sauce ( from top right clockwise)

Big Fish Small Fish
Address: 50 Punggol East 
#01-K35 Container Bistros @ Tebing Lane
Operating hours: Sun-Thurs (12pm - 12am) , Fri & Sat (12pm - 1am)
Phone: 9438 7623

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kosnica Food Adventure!!!

Kosnica Food Adventure!

Here's a collaboration with Kosnica Cafe and fellow bloggers , and 
There'll be a giveaway and a special discount on the premium honey for readers! Information on how to enter giveaway down below! I would like to thank Kosnica and Jess for this opportunity and to try the high tea set and honey!

This dessert cafe located along Duxton road serves a variety of premium gelato, three different waffle flavours and besides that, Kosnica also offers premium Trigona Itama Honey!

This honey is not just your average store-bought honey, firstly it is organic and it has a higher PPF (propolis plus factor) than Manuka honey boasting a PPF of +15! It is an indication of quality and quantity of propolis found naturally in the Trigona honey. Propolis is a natural marvel ingredient that inhibits bacterial and fungal activity and a natural antioxidant. Plus it has additional health benefits such as boosting anti-oxidant, improving immune system and having anti-aging properties! 

It is also not as viscous as your normal honey as it is bottled raw without removing any water retaining it's natural water content of 23% - 25%. It is reccomended to have 2 tablespoons daily, taken raw after meals. It is best taken raw as it is as it has anti-bacterial properties and mixing it with water decreases its effectiveness.

As the honey is from tropical countries mainly Malaysia, China and Australia, the quality is not affected by weather changes and different climate. The honey sells in three types of containers. The small container cost $62.20 for 250ml, the larger container contains 500ml priced at $88.80. There is also the special Ginseng Honey priced at $431 for 1000ml! The taste of the honey is mildly sour with a subtle hint of sweetness. It is really tasty and not to mention soothing to the throat!

Now moving on to the high tea set, the high tea set ($9.90) consist of a single scoop gelato with waffle and a drink to go along with it! After tasting most of the flavours, I eventually settled for the Hazelnut Rochor with the buttermilk waffle and the caramel latte. While Isabelle took the Strawberry Cheesecake gelato with buttermilk waffle and mocha!

The drinks came in super cute round cups! It sort of looks like a beehive matching the decor of the cafe!

The gelato was rich and creamy and I love how the gelato had just the right amount of sweetness to it! It satisfied my sweet tooth without being overly sweet. The buttermilk waffle was crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, perfectly done I would say! Definitely one of the best waffles I've had in my life! 

The drinks were also well prepared but still nothing stands out more than their gelato and waffles!

One lucky reader will win a High Tea Set when you complete these simple steps!

1) Follow Kosnica instagram  @kosnica.singapore
2) Like my instagram post about Kosnica @Joel_zzz
3) Subscribe to my blog via email!

Winner will be annouced on 1st October via Instagram direct! 


10% of Ginseng Honey!!!
Readers also get 10% of  the Ginseng Honey worth $431!!! Simply show this blog post when purchasing and get the 10% discount so get yours now!!

Kosnica SG
Address: 61 Duxton Road Singapore 089525
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm Daily
Phone: +65 6904 4086

Friday, 8 September 2017

Hatter's Street Ice-Cream Adventure!!!

Hatter's Street Ice-Cream Adventure!

Located near the heartland of Singapore,  this Mad Hatter inspired café serves a range of sweet treats ranging from ice cream to waffles to cakes and brownies.

When I first discovered this place, I was quite excited as there are very limited hipster cafe in kovan. But along with Hatter's street, this row of shops now boast a few new eateries including Tachinomiya, Knuckles Bistro, Good Olden Days. Hatter's Street is also situated close to the famous thai food place Nakhon Kitchen, thus making this place a convinient place to get dessert after a meal there! In fact, that's precisely what I did!

The only downside to this cafe is that the interior is rather small and cramped, so be prepared espacially if there's a crowd.

I ordered a Unicorn Whoaffle (that's how they spelled it) for $14, it's waffle topped with two scoops of ice-cream and decorated to look like a cute unicorn! The ice-cream flavours are standardized for this waffle (lavender white chocolate & roasted marshmellows)

 The waffle was crisp but a tad tough for my liking, and the ice-cream was good but some may find it a bit too sweet but hey I got a sweet tooth! The roasted marshmellows tasted like what the name says, and the lavender white chocolate was quite a surprise! The lavender taste was strong, a little overpowering in my opinion but it compliments the roasted marshmellow!

Look at the wide array of different unique ice-cream flavours and the pretty cakes that they have in store below!

Hatter's Street Bakehouse & Cafe
Address: Block 212 Hougang Street 21 #01-333 ,Singapore 530212
Operating hours: Everyday from 1PM - 10PM
Phone:  6988 4591

Thursday, 7 September 2017

CSHH Coffeehouse Adventure!!!

CSHH Coffeebar Adventure!

Exam's out so gather your friends for some food adventure! Lets start by visiting one of the many cafés of lavender! This time, Chye Seng Huat Hardware will be taking the limelight! This industrial- chic spot located in a former hardware store offers freshly brewed gourmet coffee, draft beers and eclectic eats! More on their history on their website listed at the end of the post!

Once you step into the café the first thing you'll notice is its rustic american-coffeehouse inspired decor. What's more amazing is that the coffee brewing is done in the middle of the café!

The menu rotates seasonally, keeping up with seasonal trends and making things unique. We ordered three dishes, the Iberico Pork Rack ($24), Teriyaki Salmon Donburi ($19), Soy Glazed Chicken Burger ($20).

While the food was being prepared, I could not help but feel uplifted by sweet aroma of the coffee brewed right under our noses. 

First came the pork rack! It was served with wine braised red cabbage, grilled baby romaine lettuce and mushroom cream sauce. It was fairly average and it was relatively costly at $24.

Next came my salmon donburi! Sous-vide salmon served with Japanese rice with wasabi mayo, avocado, tamago and picked radish. For $19 it was reasonable and definitely worth a try!

Lastly but certainly not the least came the Soy glazed chicken burger! Home-made soy glazed chicken patty with shredded red-white cabbage and citrus dressing on a burger bun. Instead of the conventional burger-fries combination it was served with a side of tempura oyster mushrooms! Presentation-wise it was average but taste-wise it was nothing short of a "foodgasm"! The tempura mushrooms were not greasy and considering the fact that I don't really fancy mushrooms, I found it really good!! The soy glazed chicken was also really good! (Who doesn't like soy chicken??)

My friends and I came to our consensus, agreeing that the worth it winner of the trip goes to the Soy Glazed Chicken Burger! At $20 for the burger and the tempura mushrooms it was really worth and I would highly recommend this!

Overall it's a beautiful café and it is a definite must go whenever you are in the area!

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Address: 150 Tyrwhitt Road Singapore 207563
Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday (9am to 10pm)
Last order for food - 9:30pm | drinks - 9:45pm
Friday & Saturday (9am to Midnight)
Closed on Monday
Phone: +65 6396 0609

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

CHIJMES Portuguese Eggtarts Adventure!!!

CHIJMES Portuguese Eggtarts Adventure!

Exam period conflicting with my blog time, no time for a full on food blog but here's a short review on "Original Portuguese Egg Tart" at CHIJMES! Apart from the buffets, seafood and alcohols found in this scenic historic building complex, a quaint egg tart stall can be found in CHIJMES!

These angels were selling for $2 a pop instead of the usual $3.50 per eggtart as it was super near closing time! My friends and I got one per person totaling 5 egg tarts for $10.

These Portuguese egg tarts were freshly baked in the oven and were still warm! These shortcrust pastries filled with rich eggy custard were delightful! These egg tarts originate from Portugal and these were from a company making these since 1835!

Right from the first bite, the first thing that hits me is how well the shortcrust pastries were made. It was slighly crisp and flaky! The egg filling reminded me of  a Crème brûlée as it is has a nice caramelised top with a rich and creamy centre!

I would say its worth a try when you are at CHIJMES!

CHIJMES (Original Portuguese Egg Tart)
Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996
Phone: 6337 7810

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Fine Line Beer Adventure!!!

The Fine Line Beer Adventure!

Another food adventure that was unplanned! Initial plan was to celebrate my birthday at Timbre+ with my secondary school clique but apparently it was not open on Sundays :(

Since we were already at One-North MRT , we headed to Holland Village as it was only 
2 stops away. We were spoilt for choices as there were a variety of restaurants, bars, cafés and bistros to dine at. We just walk and admired the buzz of the nightlife of this scenic neighbourhood, till we crossed The Fine Line. And how lucky were we! They were having 1 for 1 mains and also happy hour! How can we say no to that!

We got a few pints of Erdingers to drink and we ordered pizza to share. Beers and pizza were 1 for 1 so the pizza cost about $9 each (usual $18) we had pepperoni pizza & hawaiian pizza. That was just the appetisers, as we ordered the mains after chit-chatting and catching up on life! I ordered the Beer-battered Fish & Chips while my friends ordered The Line burger, The TFL burger and the Carbonara!
I found the pizza was fairly average. The topping they used were good quality but the pizza crust ; some people like it crispy, some like it bready and some like it cakey. Their's were thin and crispy but because it was so thin, it was soggy in the middle. 

The burgers were good but not as good as some burgers I tried before! (Hint hint one of my previous post) The beer battered Fish & Chips was nice and crispy with good texture and flavour! Fish was fresh and batter was nice and crispy!

But that's not the end of the story! The owner of the bar had a locked door that they have been trying to unlock (they accidentally left the key in the room) and the owner said that if we could unlock the door, we can get a pint of Erdinger on the house! Thankfully one of my friend is very techy and somehow had his toolbox with him ( I don't know why) , after a few minutes of playing with the lock, he somehow manages to open it and viola! Erdinger on the house!

One of the most unusual but unique experience of a bar in my life!

The Fine Line
Address: 23 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277682, Singapore
Opening hours: 12.00pm - 01.00am
Phone: +65 90625312

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Jew Kit Chicken Rice Adventure!!!

Jew Kit Chicken Rice Adventure!

Who doesn't love the good ole' classic hainanese chicken rice? It is a local favourite and it's even called one of Singapore's national dish.

The recipe for the dish is adapted from early Chinese immigrants from Hainan Island, off the southern coast of China. Back in Hainan, locals call the dish "Wenchang chicken". They use a particular fowl that is bony and fibrous, and serve the chicken with oily rice.

The cooking method hails back to its Hainanese roots. The chicken is steeped in boiling water or blanched till it is fully cooked, before soaking it in cold water to ensure the meat remains tender. In a local twist, the chicken can also be roasted or braised in soya sauce for a different taste. But this time we're looking at the traditional steamed method and it's found in the the "atas" part of singapore ; Orchard Road (to be exact Killiney road)

Located just 8 mins walk away from Somerset MRT, this shop originated since 1992 and it's decorated with nostalgic items from the late 80's /early 90's. With vintage items and traditional food to bring back the fond memories of the elders, this place is really a gem to find in the bustling Orchard crowd you find at Scape and Orchard Central.

I ordered a "Memories" Chicken rice consisting of traditional steamed chicken with prawn crackers while my friend ordered the "Relationship" chicken rice which is steamed chicken rice with egg and beancurd. For drinks we both got cold barley with winter melon!

And... the Chicken Rice lived up to the high expectations I set for it! The Rice was moist and flavourful , the chicken was tender and the chilli spiciness was just right although the chilli could be less lumpy! (It was to lumpy and curdy to my liking)

Overall a really wonderful experience and definitely would recommend and go again!!! More pictures down below!

Jew Kit Chicken Rice
Address:105 Killiney Road, Singapore 239546
Operating Hours: 10:30am - 12:00midnight
Phone: 6733 5578